Sunday, 29 January 2012


Good morning class ,
Let's start working together with these two models of ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES . Pleases click on 1 and 2 .

Now , some vocabulary activities about SHOPPING and CONSUMERISM . Please click 3 , 4and a quiz to check if you are a good consumer 5 .

Let's continue with a reading comprehension about TATTOOS . Click 6 and 7 .

To end up with this lesson , some grammar activities dealing with REPORTED SPEECH . 8 ,9 and 10 .

Have a nice day !!!

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Good morning class ,

Today we are going to work with two different tasks .
First , we are going to work with some texts related to Fame . We'll do some activities and then we will correct them in class .Do Before Reading activities (1,2)from this Justin Bieber text and write down the answers in your notebook . Please click 1 .

Now, let's continue with a Paris Hilton profile . Do Synonym match and Phrase match . Remember to write down your answers . Please click 2 .
Let's finish this part of the lesson with a reading comprehension about Reality Tv . Click 3 .
The second part of the class is just some general grammar and vocabulary tests to refresh your minds . Please click 4 and 5 . Now some verbal tenses exercises 6 and a correct the mistakes test 7 . Let's finish with a vocabulary revision test 8